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A theme party with a GaGa Ball Pit rental by a church youth group in New Jersey.
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Rent a GaGa Ball Pit to bring exciting, inclusive fun to your community event, festival, party, graduations, celebrations, reunions, youth group events, and fundraisers!

Kids birthday parties are even more exciting and fun when its not just another bounce house or pirate theme party. Your children may get bored or "age out" of those activities, but will never get tired of GaGa Ball!

GaGa Ball For All!

GaGa Ball is played by children at camps and daycare centers, "tweens" and teens at schools and youth groups, college students on campus, and adults at corporate events and family reunions. It only takes minutes to learn and can be played by mixed groups of all ages and athletic abilities.

We bring the GaGa Pit to you - indoors or outdoors!

Central NJ GaGa Ball Pit Rentals 

Eastern PA GaGa Pit Rentals

Kids birthday parties are made even more fun with a GaGa ball pit rental.
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