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The GaGa Pit Rentals 844-464-2429 Central NJ & Eastern PA

GaGa Pit indoors
GaGa Pit with church youth group
Kids playing in portable Mamba GaGa Ball Pit outdoors at soccer tournament
GaGa Pit at fundraiser event
GaGa Pit on beach
Our rates include delivery and set up of the GaGa Ball Pit, including balls and instructions on how to play to get the action started. We do not provide referees at private events - GaGa Ball is usually "self-refereed" by the players.

Rates depend on the time requested and the distance from our base near Clinton, NJ. A typical quote might be $500 - $600 for 4 Hours.
When comparing our rates to other options, realize that up to 30 or more people can play GaGa Ball at a time, versus one at a time on a climbing wall or a few at a time in a comparably priced bounce house or inflatable slide. And a theme party at a party center typically costs nearly twice as much for only an hour or so of playtime and limits the number of guests.

We use commercial-grade Mamba GaGa Ball Pits
The GaGa Pit rental prices

Whether your party is a couple of hours, all day, or an overnight "shut-in", a GaGa Ball Pit will be the center of the action! Need a custom size GaGa Pit? No problem! Call for a custom quote


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